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    Help with Firefox

    Ok to start off, I am new to firefox which I just downloaded today. Basically my problem atm is with adobe flash player. I usually go to one of my daily sites to stay in touch with the latest video games. Usually the site asks me to update my flash player to view their...
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    Computer Problem? Or normal occurrence?

    Ok this is just happening recently and I am quite confused as to what to do. I do not know exactly what happen but it started this week. Basically in short my computer every now and then blink if you will. I first spotted this when my computer was going through a virus scan and the monitor...
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    Constant Trojan blocking

    Ok I honestly don't know how or if I got infected by something but it all started today early morning like 8 am. My norton keeps blocking the same trojan called: Default Block Gatecrasher Trojan Horse. For some reason it keeps blocking the same stupid trojan almost all day for each 30 minutes...
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    Ar Tonelico

    Cast of characters: *Misha aka black hair character is my favorite and claim ^^* Anime Promo OVA: part 1 part 2 part 3 *Only one episode for the Anime Promo. *Most of the scenes, music and the voices if not all are taken from the anime onto the game. *The dubbing of subtitles are decent...
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    review: after some hacker done erase most of the recent posts I have to rewrite and reupload the pics. great show, based on a game I've heard. great comedy, action, and mecha. so far two episodes released and one OVA so far...
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    FORUMS: refined search

    ok well I dunno if this is possible or how hard the coding is but is there a possible way to narrow the search down? like ok if I wanted to find say a word like fatal fake, I already know it is in the fate/stay night thread but it would be even better if the search button narrows it down right...
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    Love Get Chu

    As it says this is now a seiyuu anime where 5 girls are auditioning for parts of an anime series. Of course there are more peoplr but come on we are focusing on the girls now ^^. here is a little review on it. btw Momoko is probably one...
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    review: very interesting anime. this start off differently by showing an airplane scene something happening to what appears to be an artificial human. so far onyl one episode has been released and I enjoyed it much. well the...
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    Little Help needed

    Ok basically is there another program other than daemon's that can help me burn ISO files and such. First time I installed it there were no problems. but when I had to re-install my computer when restarting freeze and it is completely blank. I remember it says something during installation...
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    good morning ppl

    Well random stuff, since ppl don't know me well today is my b-day. wonder what is gonna happen at the party later today. anywayzs just thought I post this =P just bored right now ^^. Me is officially 19 today.
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    Poetry Jam

    Ok I saw someone try to start one yet fail to actually post a simple thread. well I guess I will start off with my own piece of work, btw mine is actually copyrighted so don't try anything funny - if you think I am lying search the title in . Deep Within my Soul For every...
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    Lemon Angel Project

    Well this anime is going off ok so far. if you don't know the story line check the front page for it. is another review but guess they haven't went in depth into it yet. Basically a girl name Tomo-chan is auditioning for this group...
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    Marchen Awakening

    Ok thought I start a thread since I haven't seen any of this. I have use the search function and came up with nothing. Marchen info there is the link, so far there are 26 episodes currently. good anime for comedy, action, and drama. anyone else into this anime? thought might as well start a...
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    hello there

    hello, I am still quite new to this site but I was just wondering since I c many good things about this site including ecchi pics, manga/music request, and most of all the free anime dls I was just wondering if there is something I can do that is small but yet contributes to this site. I also am...
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    Eternal Fighters Zero

    Ok I am not sure if I can "request" this or not but I have been searching for this game for a while and found nothing. All I get is reviews and such. Basically this game is composed of 3 possibly more animes 2 being Air and Kanon. Reminds me of Melty Blood React game and wanted to try it. if...