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    Riddles 2.0

    As the last riddle thread has gone silent/been exhausted after 260 pages I thought as the riddle master of what will now be called 1.0, that it was time to start anew. We'll be keeping EggBeast's rules list for the most part out of convenience. RULES!!! 1. 1 riddle at a time. No new...
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    Light Novel Section?

    with the recent news that the cover for the English Spice and Wolf will be changed to help appeal to a broader audience ( (internal pictures will remain as the original artwork thankfully), I thought "hey, I should post...
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    20 years in prison for manga In the above editorial, we are presented with an interesting topic. a man who had ordered some manga and had it mailed to him had his package inspected, where it was found to contain "obscene" material. quotes from one of the...
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    Natsu no Arashi

    from ANN: The January issue (on sale on November 26) of Square Enix's Monthly Gangan Wing magazine will announce that Jin Kobayashi's Natsu no Arashi! science-fiction romance manga will be animated for release in 2009. This story from the creator of School Rumble centers on a boy named Hajime...
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    Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahō

    from anime news network: The December issue (on sale on November 4) of Shueisha's Jump Square magazine will announce that Hiroshi Sakurazaka's Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahō (Properly Learned Modern Magic) light novels will be animated...
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    Going to japan for two weeks

    I'll be going to japan for two weeks this summer (7/7-7/21), with some of my fellow japanese language students and japanese sensei. we'll be spending most of our time in nara, Akita, and toyko. however, in tokyo in particular we'll be having about 3-4 days where we'll mostly have time to go...
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    Touhou Project

    haven't played any of the official games from this series myself, but the fan made ones are fun enough ^^. at any rate, the reason i've been inspired to post about this set of games is that I find it VERY odd that even though I'm almost convinced that 10% of ALL japanese fanart is touhou based...
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    Zwinky add

    the last day or so I keep running into this add every time I go to the main page. normally the adds are nothing more than a slight annoyance, just have to hit the skip link up top. the problem with Zwinky? there doesn't appear to be a skip link, meaning I have to back-link, then hit stop to make...
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    Kanokon The promotional sleeve wrapper on the eighth volume (on sale November 19) of Katsumi Nishino's Kanokon light novel series will announce that the novels will be adapted for anime in Japan. The romantic comedy follows a country boy...
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    Joe is Japanese

    courtesy of my Japanese business and culture sensei
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    Anime EXPO (AX) 2007

    Im planning on going sunday (7/1) and monday (7/2), staying over at the Hyatt (already made reservations for the night). Looking foreward to checking out the Summer festival and all the booths . so anyone else going? AX meet-up?
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    Asian Heritage awards my japanese teacher has been nominated for an asian heritage award (for education). so please go vote for her FUMIKO TACHIBANA, a language professor, writer, poet, and world traveler, has taught Japanese at high schools and colleges throughout San Diego and...
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    Genshiken Second Series Thread has been splitted from the Genshiken thread by jul10.
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    Danbooru LIVES!!! (for now anyway)

    now i know Danbooru had lots of stuff on it that was a bit, well, horrifying. BUT, it also was the largest and most organised and easy to search image board I have ever, seen, housing some of the most beautiful pics i have ever seen (example, my current desktop: ). so anyway here's hoping some...