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    Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

    No it's doubtful that Madoka could power the universe infinitely but the power she would release would be for a massive amount of time say like thousands of years or something on that magnitude. However as her potential is off the scale there's no way of telling I think the only way the...
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    Cutey Honey Live Action

    I recently bought this film just to see how close they got to the anime version and I'm actually quite pleased. They seemed to have kept everything INCLUDING the openning theme AND the Cutey Honey monologues. The actress is really kawaii too. The special effects and fighting is over the top but...
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    Internet Explorer 8 problem

    I'm having problems trying to download the latest episode of KissxSis, the browser refuses to show most of the page content (the bit containing the hypertext links to the actual download files) for Kiss xSis. It will show all the preipheral links( the left hand and top banner and the YouTube...
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    Final Fantasy VII-Advent Children

    I was just wandering about on YouTube as usual and found this video. It's a live action version of one of the scenes from FFVII-Advent Children and I think they did quite a good job. Does anybody know if they actually went ahead and made a full movie...
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    pic resizing request

    would somebody mind resizing this image down to avatar usable size for me please? the program I usually use is screwing up whenever it ttried to load up
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    graphics advice

    Hiya, i was wondering if any of you tech-geeks new of a good downloadable graphoics packagae I could use to capture a shot from an anime that I could then play about with to create my new avatar. It's about time I started experimenting and updated my avatar, so any help you could give in this...
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    language learning

    Could anybody suggest the best way to learn Mandarin Chinese or Japanese? I've been interested in learning one or both for a while and never had time really to go ahead with it but now I'm probably gonna have a lot of free time so it seems like a good time to start learning
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    What makes you you?

    We all know we're individuals and that we are all unqiue but have you ever had a hard think about what it is that actually makes you seperate from everybody else, or for that matter like other people. For me I think it's probably the fact that not only am I almost a walking contradiction (I...
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    For sale

    This is a complely ficticous sale so try and sell anything you like For Sale: 1 universe: needs some restoring but still in good working order (50% discount available with appropriate coupon) Yaya needing good home, multi-skilled and polite. Comes with handbook and manufacturers warantee...
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    I haven't seen the original anime it's based on so i can;t really compare it but the live action version which I own is very good. The special effects and storytelling is quite stylized but the actions scenes are to die for and wouldnt look out of place in animation. It also combines some...
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    What would you sing

    Just out of idle curiosity, if you were able to sing any songs in particular perfectly to a special someone what would they be and why? I'd probably sing "Shine" by MrBig and "Promise" from Digimon I'd choose Shine because it sums up how I feel about the other person and myself and I'd choose...