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    Asian Women

    I have a question since we all love anime. Have you caught your self starting to look for an asain girlfriend or boyfriend. What im really asking is has anime influnced you into likeing and wanting to date an asain person? The reason I asked because one of my club members said that anime has...
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    Anime Figures

    Whats up people do any of you guys collect anime figures man I have like 4 rare ones let me know what you have and what you want look at this one this is so tight. So if you find some rare figures post them here and share some of your own!!!!
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    Para Para Dancing!!!

    Whats up people how many of you guys Para Para Dance or do you think its cool or you think its stupid as hell let me know
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    What makes you an Otaku

    Whats up people as you see I would like to hear what everybody has to say about being an Otaku what makes you Hardcore?