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Why are mostly all the torrents i download are mostly in language japanese i hate that cause i mostly always have to take the time to read the english subtiles where can i find a site where it english or what can i do to turn it to english language?

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Think better before you put down a post like that
(If you want english anime, then buy the dvds =_= )

Any mod, feel free to delete my post and his/hers...


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I don't think your post is realted to the topic but if you want anime in english language that will probaly mean it license and if it license that mean we can't help you find them.


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This actually not related to any download from FTV, or playback help. It is simply that you do not have subtitle because you download the RAW torrent. If you want to download from torrent, make sure it is not RAW.

Also, You can find any subbed (and must be unlicensed) anime here on FTV. If it is not here, then check it first if the anime is licensed or not. If not feel free to request it here. If it is licensed, we cannot help you there.

You also may find and download the subtitle, but I do not recommend this, since it is very rare.

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