Batman 3- The new Christopher Nolan version


Well, its still a rumour and a long way off, but the 3rd installment in Peter Nolan's depiction of Batman will most likely happen. Christopher Nolan did say a trilogy wasnt something he would do but after the success of TDK (The Dark Knight), and the fact that Bale agreed for a 3rd film, it seems inevitable.

The big question is, what will it be about, whos the new villian, what will be its name and will it top TDK?

Heres my idea for a script:
Name of the 3rd film: Return of a Hero (Since at end of TDK he was protrayed as a villian)
Other names: Rise of the Bat, (found this one) The caped crusader

New villian: I think its clear from all the rumours and fan made vids that the Riddler will have some big role if not the main villian role in the 3rd movie. Now who should play him? None other than Johnny Depp obcourse. He even stated himself in a radio interview that playing the Riddler would be a fun role for him. So hes willing to do it. And I see no better man for the job.

Now, how will the Riddler be portrayed to fit the mood and aftermath of TDK. This idea hit me after reading some fan rumours, I think since Batman is being hunted down by the police and is considered a villian to the public, the Joker can be seen as the white knight kind of like Harvey Dent was in TDK.

My synopsis:
The police force realise they are having a hard time trying to catch Batman, since afterall hes out of their league in terms of skill. So they hire a top knotch detective to find Batman and obtain his true identity so that the police can bring him to justice. And the detective is non other than the Riddler. Does this story sound familiar?

Its resembles Death Note, where Batman is Kira and L is The Riddler. Imagine how cool that would be, the Riddler doesnt have to be some super/lunatic villian in a ugly green suit, but a cool, calm, smart, yet wierd detective just like L. Depp can pull it off, he can resemble L in every way and if they portray L's attitude and style to the Riddler, it would be so mesmorzing, it might even top Heath's portay of the Joker.

So pretty much, its Batman doing his job, stopping criminals, fighting off police while avoiding The Riddler. Somehow though, the Riddler finds out Batmans identity and then decides rather to turn him in, he blackmails him and plans to double cross the police and use the Batman as his power in order to take over Gotham. There can also be sub villians who can play some minor roles in the film who enhance but not derail the story.

As for Batmans new love, well it might be this girl whos the daughter of the leader of that Ninja group. I forgot her name and the groups name lols This wasnt my idea I read this off a site.

Also I think Robin might be a good idea even though Nolan denied it. I know Bale is portraying a young Batman, but that doesnt mean we cant have a young Robin, mabey 18-20 years old? He can be some punk kid whos character is developed thru the movie. Robin can be a rebellious boy who can resemble a kind of son figure to Batman. I think a Robin would be a interesting idea if done correctly, not like how they portrayed him in Batman Forvever and Batman and Robin. Having a Catwoman would also be interesting but I dont think it would be a good choice since she has a huge story of her own, and throwing too many characters into a movie can backfire.

So thats my idea of a Batman 3 story, what do you think and do you have opinions and ideas of your own on what Batman 3 should be about?


Remember, Adam West as Batman? If Nolan can convert that guy into the Darker hero we see today, then he could do the same with Robin.

When people think of Robin, they think of a little kid with a red and yellow outfit.

They can change Robin and update him. For example, I think in the 3rd Batman film, if Robin is introduced, he should be around 20 years old and should of had a childhood full of pain and dispair. He can then be found by Bruce Wanye and then be used as an assistant such as Alfred and Morgan Freeman. Robin doesnt have to exist, in fact I dont want to hear the word Robin in the 3rd film. It can be about a kid whos a computer hacker who serves as Batmans eyes and ears in tight situations over a communication link. He can aid Batman without actually putting on a suit and fighting bad guys.

Then if Nolan does another film, it can convey Batman training Robin and passing on his legacy to him. The 4th film can be called "Rise of a hero" referring to Robin. Here Robin can learn all the martial arts from Bruce and become his ally in later films.

Or Robin can be Batmans enemy, he can be hired by the Riddler or perhaps the Riddler can be his god father or father figure towards him. He could of taught Robin everything he knew and use him to exploit and find Batman using non violent methods obcourse but rather investigation skills.

This is my idea of how Robin should be portrayed. He should be an older, more rebellious, hacker/computer geek as well as a bad ass dude. Its possible.

Batman Begins tested Batmans physical strength and stamina, The Dark Knight tested his sanity and state of mind, Batman 3 should test Bruce Waynes investigation powers, since he is a very good detective but he hasnt been portrayed really as one.
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