Can a democracy make the wrong choice

Can a democracy make the wrong choice

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However even if we say this fear is justified the action taken was not the best one. To stop humanitarian aid sends the message that other countries do not recognise Hammas as a proper government.

Hamas was not a proper government, since the Palestinian Territories are not a proper country.
But even if it was, stoping humanitarian aids would mean nothing.
Firstly because humanitarian aids is mainly done by NGOs, who have nothing to do with countries (at least nothing official).
Secondly, if we speak about financial aids, other countries have every rights not to send money if they think it won't be used wisely (of course, it's far more complicated than that, with politicial pressures, the influence of the IMF).

About the mess between Israel and the Territories, It's better to be left for another thread.


Been awhile since this has been updated... but my mom is a teacher and teaches social studies and economics and we had a discussion about it tonight and I just don't know really what to think about how the upper class is getting richer and the middle class is hanging in there. I have a lot to say but I don't know how to put it yet. lol
Democrazy.. woops, I mean democracy
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