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Well like I said I was bored and googled the alexa stats for this site and found some interesting info.

First of all, they say the sites estimated value was like $500,000 then it dropped to $200,000 so obviously its just based off of the the exact stats at certain moments in time.

Now the cool thing was this:

FTV users come from these countries ranked (Smallest to biggest)

United States 33.6%
Japan 7.0%
Indonesia 5.2%
Malaysia 4.4%
South Africa 3.3%
Thailand 3.1%
Russia 2.9%
Canada 2.7%
Italy 2.3%
United Kingdom 2.3%
Iran 2.1%
Mexico 2.1%
Philippines 2.0%
Singapore 1.9%
Poland 1.9%
Australia 1.6%
Romania 1.3%
Germany 1.2%
India 1.1%
Saudi Arabia 1.1%
Denmark 1.1%
Greece 1.1%
Netherlands 1.0%
Hungary 0.9%
South Korea 0.9%
Turkey 0.8%
Iraq 0.7%
Egypt 0.7%
United Arab Emirates 0.7%
Brazil 0.6%
Other countries 8.1%

Traffic from other countries ranked (Smallest to biggest)

Malaysia 922
Singapore 1,682
Philippines 1,687
South Africa 2,377
Thailand 2,980
Indonesia 3,093
Hungary 3,238
Iraq 3,499
Romania 4,277
Denmark 4,595
Iran 4,863
United Arab Emirates 4,920
Poland 4,984
Greece 5,425
United States 5,705
Canada 7,226
Mexico 7,332
Australia 7,776
Egypt 8,463
Japan 9,582
Saudi Arabia 10,363
Russia 11,527
Italy 12,063
South Korea 14,326
Netherlands 14,395
United Kingdom 14,617
Turkey 24,984
Brazil 28,539
Pakistan 28,713
Germany 62,364
India 65,885

Looks like the site is dominated by people from India/Germany in terms of traffic.

You can learn more here:

cool story bro


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