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Diablo III is still far away as Blizzard intends to focus most of its time on StarCraft II and plans to release it ahead of Diablo III but we can still discuss it as the months go by.

In case you dont know Diablo is a PC-RTS game devolped by Blizzard, it also sports online coop play or team matches, ect.

You basically take on the role of a character under a specific class, and run around dungeons killing monsters, leveling up and gaining cool items. Trust me its very addictive even though it may not sound like it^^

Blizzard has released two games in the Diablo universe along with one expansion for each game. Diablo III will bridge the 8 year+ gap since Diablo II.

When Blizzard announced the game, they had shown the world in game footage and tech demos. However, rather than be happy that a new Diablo game is on the horizon, many many Diablo fans ripped at Blizzard cause they hated the art/design of Diablo III. They thought the sequel was too "bright, colourful and unrealistic". They felt Blizzard swayed away from the art syle of the previous Diablo games and took a more "WarCraft approach". As a result, a petition sporting almost 60,000 signatures was made to let Blizzard know, fans arent happy, even G4 Tech T.V mentioned this to Blizzard.

In retaliation, Blizzard stated, they wanted to take a different approach in this game and believes it will make the game better. Mainly with the light, players can see things they couldint in previous Diablo games, they can expreience a whole new world thats as much outdoor as indoor with more vivid colours and more realistic environments. Also Blizzard stated, many video cards dont have the power to produce lighting of the same calibre in Diablo II simply cause Diablo III is 3-D. Also with a dark background you wont be able to see distant objects and many monsters and backgrounds would have to revolve around simple colors in order for them to stand out. It can also get repetirive running around in the same dark gloomy dungeon...

Times have changed, graphics have improved and we can do more now, I think Blizzard made the right choice in its art approach, I think this is a postive revolution and fans simply are ungrateful. When has Blizzard ever failed? They have constantly produced top notch games of highest quality, so I see no reason why Diablo III will be any different. Though I'm sure Blizzard will start to work on its art direction in order to satisfy their fans, they wont change the art style but they might make an attempt to make the game more darker.

Heres an example pic of a fan made comparison of the current Diablo III art style vs what the fans what:

Current art stlye (Top)
What fans want (Bottom)


Heres a vid of what people want Diablo to be, its a half screen of dark vs bright.


Also Blizzard even attended some conference or something forgot, but all Blizzard representatives wore baby blue T-Shirts with white puffy clouds and a rainbow on them just to prove a point lols.

As of now its too early to estimate a release date, after StarCraft II comes out, well know, but for now were stuck in the dark, I'm guessing Diablo III will come out at the earliest, late 2010? But as Blizzard said "when its ready".


-sama "The Great Ero King"
i forgot they were working on D3: the Mighty Demons.

Hmm, i wasnt to big of a fan of diablo 2. Online play wasnt as fun as diablo 1. mainly because they made the game so easy to hack, every1 had UBER items. I only had fun playing through it the first 3 times on single.
(Necromancer, my favorite. i hope they pump him up. summon sum demons!)
(Then assassin, <-to ez, but she was cool)

One thing i do hope, they make dungeons deep, like diablo one. ANd not so much about diffrent lands like diablo 2.

As for lighting, make everyone happy. have a option that u can check for darker/lighter. there problem solved


tho, the new sorceress(wizard
) is pretty and badass looking.


This thread deserves to be resurrected because of this:

that would have been so awesome....

compared to the current stuff:

Now going by old Blizzard-North version screens, it seems that originally D3 had a wholly different storyline, which would ave directly followed D2. IT seems that the hell forces somehow got to and destroyed Heavens. How they got there? Most likely it would have had something to do with destroyed world stone or Tyrael's promise being broken...

Anyway, exploring a devoid of life, cold marble labyrinths of Heaven would have been both creepy and awesome..thats the game I could wait for decades to come out, not to mention that it actually loooked like diablo game...

Nevertheless, the current World of DiabloCraft III remake does not interest me even slightly...i find everything from its story changes, to ridiculous corny classes(witch doctor? uzi-crossbow demon huntress? orc barbarian...seriously?) to color schemes and "architecture" that looks like something out of Hello Kitty....i find everything of that repulsive...

Its no longer diablo i grew up with, its no longer that awesome franchise....current diablo III is a cheap rpg knock-off cashing in on the original's fame...

If only someone had a time machine...it would only then be able to be fixed...so the North version gets released and the current Diablocraft abomination is never made...ever...
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