External HDD Dropped


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QUOTE (Kit-Tsukasa @ Jan 11 2010, 09:20 PM) Does it show up under device manager?
If your running windows 7 or vista, go to start, search device manager, and see if you can locate your drive or the usb detection. Is there a yellow caution sign on any of your devices?

Given your case, it probably will no longer show up under disk drives since My Computer doesn't even detect it.

I have had problems with my external hard disk and came across this forum!!

I went into device manager and saw that there WAS a little yellow sign next to a device that's called *Unknown* or *Unidentified*..

So there IS a little yellow sign and it DOES show that the computer detected a connection..

Is that good or bad?

I have almost 500GB of movies stored on here.. dropped it several times, different heights..

I am at the verge of sobbing

Anyway you can help?

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Can you access the contents on your external hard drive like you normally do?

If not and the problem is as you described, it likely means a connection came loose or broke inside the casing of your external drive due to all the dropping. The drive and contents themselves are likely still intact based on your description but it may require you to open the casing up, extract the drive and buy a special cable to connect the drive to your computer. You can usually find such cables on Amazon or Newegg. This should be a last resort, however, as this will void the warranty on your drive.

However, even if you do extract the drive as such and it does work in that fashion, it's only a short term solution as the drive was not manufactured to be used like that. I would buy a new drive and move anything you have off the old one.

The other possibility is that the connection to the drive is fine but the drive itself has become corrupt due to damage to the drive itself. In which case, there is little you can do to recover the contents.

If you are able to access the contents, then you shouldn't have to worry. You should check to make sure what is showing up in device manager is not actually the drive then. If it is, it could me your USB cable is becoming faulty and need to get that replaced.
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