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Hiya, i was wondering if any of you tech-geeks new of a good downloadable graphoics packagae I could use to capture a shot from an anime that I could then play about with to create my new avatar.
It's about time I started experimenting and updated my avatar, so any help you could give in this matter would be appreciated


-geass prince~
Well first off you can take a screen shot from anytihng using your players. I myself use VLC player, (not to play anything though), to capture screens. Then if you just want to select an area then you could always open it in paint. If you would like to add things and make it look uber cool then i suggest Photoshop/GIMP/Paint shop pro. Gimp is free but photoshop/Paint shop pro you have to pay for unless you know other means of getting one of them.

i myself use photoshop so thats what i recommend .
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