Has Todd McFarlane lost his mind?

Do you think Todd Mcfarlane is making a huge mistake with this film?

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I'm sure most of not all comic fans know about Spawn, hopefully theres a few here who had the pleasure to read the Spawn comics, watch the original movie and buy the toys^^

Well heres the article which is an inerview with Todd McFarlane (Creator of Spawn)


Spawn is a fantasy/horror/detective comic series created by McFarlane. Its truly a very masterful/unique idea. Its as if he invented his own kind of horror. However after the release of the first Spawn movie, many thought the film stunk and didnt meet high enough expectations which was true. It looked nice for its time and incorporated the main comic story elements but sadly wasnt that great.

To me, I loved it, but only cause I'm a fan and grew up watching that movie.

A Spawn sequel has been in discussion for some time and recently after the release of Ironman and The Dark Knight, Todd's been getting a lot of phone calls for a movie sequel. BUT For some reason, Todd doesnt want to sell Spawn to some film companies to do the movie adaption. This is mainly due to creative differences, but after reading this article and learning on what Todd intends to do with the sequel, I think hes in over his head and doesnt know what hes doing.

He is the creator and no person is more deserving to direct than him, but after reading the atricle, it seems he plans to make a Rated R action/horror flick with a little bit of Spawn slapped on it. If he wanted to do that then why incorporate Spawn at all? Why not just make the action/horror flick without Spawn? I understand he probably knows what hes doing, but I feel hes not giving the Spawn series any credit and is not listening to his fans who have been waiting for a true Spawn sequel. He seems to think Spawn is some kind of tool whom you can just screw into any idea you want, its not, Spawn is Spawn, you either make the entire film about it or dont do it at all. No wonder movie companies disagreed with him.

Heres the summary of the article:
1. Todd intends to direct, produce and finance the film on his own (small budget of 10mil)

2. He intends to NOT incorporate Spawn at all as a physical character but rather some idea or imaginative figure.

3. His movie will be a REAL LIFE movie with no fantasy/comic elements.

4. He relates his Spawn sequel to JAWS......

5. Hes going to make the film rated R, dont really care but what about the young kids who grew up with Spawn.

In conclusion, I think Todd is wrong, though he may produce a good/cheap movie, hes going to piss off a lot of fans like me. He isnt recreating the comic, but rather implementing its idea into something its not and I find that disturbing.... We've been waiting for a sequel for some time but it looks like it will be a cheap/shotty non Spawn like film. I was hoping for a Dark Knight/ Ironman/ Spider Man 3 look.... Guess Spawn wont get its head in the light anytime soon.
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