How to maximize download speed using BT clients?


Like the title says, whats the best way or is there some kind of trick to maximize download speeds using bittorrents. Sometimes I notice an influx in download speed when I fiddle around with the upload speed. I understand most bittorrent clients have a special thing equipped preventing people to not upload anything and thus maximize their download speed. I do understand theres "ways" to bypass this but I dont want to burden or ruin the system, if everyone did what I did nothing would get downloaded.

I'm just wondering is there a legit way or some trick or tips to get your download speeds to optimal performance or improve slow speeds?

Assuming theres a decent amount of seeders in the download. Would I need to play around with different trackers or fiddle around with different upload speeds?

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Generally, if you modify your upload speed to limit it, your download speed will increase. If I remember correctly, the best ratio is to have your upload speed go at half your DL speed at max for best performance in both upload and download. That way you don't "cheat" and not upload at all (which is rather rude) while still maintaining a relatively fast download speed. If you upload faster than you're downloading, more often than not reducing your upload speed will greatly improve your download speed.

That said, I believe there are a few bittorrent clients which automatically control both upload and download for max performance - though I couldn't tell you which ones do this.


Like dchaosblade says your client can manage your upload speed if you let it. utorrent can do this and I'm sure most other clients can if you look around in their settings. Actually reducing your upload speed too much will hinder your download. Peers usually try and give back to peers that are giving them something so if you give them less they will give you less. For seeders and possibly certain clients this is not the case.

I just let the client handle any modifications to speed. It usually sets the speed to 90% of your maximum available upload so it won't really hinder your download.

You also have to remember that normal ADSL (Cable) lines have separate up and down "lanes" and thus decreasing your upload will make little to no difference in your download speed (other than how much others want to share with you as described above). More information on ADSL can be found on Wikipedia.

Edit: In general adding different trackers will not speed up your download. You don't actually talk that much with the tracker other than to get a list of peers and broadcast that you are still there. Adding more trackers will not help unless there are other peers on that tracker that are not on the original one (which is unlikely).


You can hack the halfopenlimit using lvlLord patch.

By default by windows it is set to 10 I believe and you can bump it to whatever value preferably 50 or 100.

People get mixed reactions with it, some says its become unstable others say it dramatically increased their downloads.

I have done it before in the past and I noticed a significant increase in speed. If you notice instability you can always set it back to 10 or replace the modified tcp.sys back with the original.

I get 30,000 KB/s down now which is 5 times faster than basic cable so I dont use lvlLord anymore.

Another way if your networked on a router make sure you properly configured your ports. utorrent(green check at bottom) and port testers online can help you there.
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