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It's funny, I left the islands back in the 80's 'cause of a corrupt government/monarchy. And here I looking at the USA and seeing a worse future. If others are reviewing the congress, the states, and the other offices. I study political science, i aced military science and tactical training. I was an actor, a writer, and an engineer. When we see a government target citizens who are practicing their rights, yet they let companies, officials, and other countries run around without punishment. (I have proof, go to TN. the old navy-base is now run by the EU. The USA isn't even an EU member. This EU branch has military vehicles and have foreign troops. I sent a student to report on it for our group, and she was arrested for filming and asking questions.) As a veteran and a patriot who's had several dozen ancestors who've died to become citizens and have a chance for freedom. I am at odds wondering if I should just return to the islands. My cousin is in the army, and he showed me his new orders. Both of us are surprised and alarmed. He is assigned locally, and his new duties consist of reporting observations and comments of regional citizens. So now the army has troops running around in civilian clothes and looking for people. Add the new bill which passed congress to allow the army to patrol with and have full police authorizations. Thus, any military member can arrest without charge, but being military they don't have to report it. He told me of some of the things he's done overseas and at his last duty station. After confirming his statements I reviewed billets and other active posts within states. Hundreds and hundreds of these army and air force posts all over the states. Yet, no one is guarding the borders? In the last four months the army has posted three times as many active members on local posts. (what happened to that posse com{something}?) Then now we see the government admitting and supporting the brainwashing of youths. As they proudly declare they are going to remove facts from history books and only preselected material with be approved for schools and colleges for view by the public. They want to rewrite history. I guess the CIA/ARMY project called north korea was real and not just a rambling by a former west point general in his book. Remember north korea's leader went to college at west point. So did all the other dictators in the last 60 years. And all went being a nobody to becoming long term dictators. And now these dictators are the allies to the US of today. Ever notice that? I want to leave, there is a bill in congress that says they will try to prohibit location or surrendering ones citizenship. So basically they are trying to say that we can not escape. And the bill they are trying to pass for limitations for international travel only for approved business only. I don't like that. SO, now I am faced with deciding if I am going to keep my dual citizenship or give up my US citizenship and return to the islands I left when I was 6yrs old. Cause I don't want my kids to be a part of this.

What would you do?


Just before I say anything, which islands specifically do you mean? The Falklands?
I mean, I'm guessing you mean the Brits, but it'd be nice to be sure.

On a general note, though, it may be just a fad of a young, adventurous person, but I think China is a great place to live if you're in a city.


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