Jump Ultimate Stars


Just wondering if anyone has Jump Ultimate stars and would like to play some 1v1 matches with me.

If you don't know what JUS is it's a Nintendo DS game that plays sorta like Super smash brothers but what is really cool is it's with anime characters. You can import it at Play-Asia and get a translation guide from GF. Anyways it's pretty fun and here's a link to a video showing some people playing.


theres more under that user.

Here's the battle characters you can use:

I forget how many animes it features but I believe it was over 30.

Anyways my FC is:3694 8165 9160


I've had the game for about a month but just started playing about a week ago.

Really fun

Oh I couldn't find a topic on this game already but if there is one then just close this one and link me to it. Thanks.
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