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Could anybody suggest the best way to learn Mandarin Chinese or Japanese?
I've been interested in learning one or both for a while and never had time really to go ahead with it but now I'm probably gonna have a lot of free time so it seems like a good time to start learning


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Go to the nearest college/university and sit in on their classes (or register for it as an audit course). There are tons of websites and books and so on and so forth, but honestly taking a class where you are immersed in the language is the best and fastest way. I tried teaching myself (unsuccessfully), but learned next to nothing. Now I'm taking Japanese at University and everything makes sooo much more sense.


Japanese and Chinese are also two languages where rote learning (the kanas are not complicated, but the kanjis are). So be ready to work on them again and again (making flash cards is a common method I believe).
Moreover, the grammatical structures are (as far as I know, of course) different from English. Far more than the West-european languages for example.

And dchaosblade is right : an organized course is the best way to learn. It doesn't need to be in a college (although it's probably the place with the most complete training), some clubs are organizing private japanese/chinese course during the week-end or the evenings (it depends on the japanese/chinese community in your town).


Me, I'm in the same boat as you, but because of the work I do I can't be sure that I have time to take a class. I still want to learn Japanese. It's just frustrating do it by yourself.


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For mandarin you could go to a Chinese school i go to one to recite Cantonese since i forgot some.
Chinese schools teach Mandarin mostly some Cantonese.


Ok, if you wanna lean Mandarin Chinese.. go here:
Its another forum.. Idk if me posting this link is agaisnt the rules.. sorry if it is.. But create an account there and you onyl need 15 posts and they have amazing tutorials and EVERYTHING you need to know about learning mandarin chinese.. Honestly.. using this.. if you cant take private lessons (i wish i could as well), then this is the next best place to go.. I joined and only needed 15 posts in diff threads and your good to go.. the language section has everything.. korean, japanese, taiwanese ( i think), chinese.. mandarin and the other one that always forget..

Hope I helped!
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