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Release Date: December 9th 2008

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Well I first heard about this program on CNN, they plan to use it during the exact moment Barack Obama raises his hand on Lincoln's bible which is the moment he becomes president.

Basically how it works is, lest say you take a photo of a tree then lets say you walk a little to your left and take another pic, then you walk more and more to your left and keep taking non stop pics. In the end you obtain a 360 degree shot of every angle of the tree your taking a picture with. You then upload the pictures to Photosynth and it magically creates a 360 degree photo montage creating an illusion of a 3D image. You can zoom in and out, scroll side to side and turn a little obtaining a 360 degree view. The program combines all the photos using something as a reference when combining like lets say theres half a man standing next to the tree, the program will detect the other half of the man and connect the photos creating the illusion that its 1 photo when its really 2.

Its hard to explain so view the examples of other peoples works yourself here:
Photosynth Examples Page

You need to install the program first it does it automatically when you click a montage.

They're using this for Obamas inauguration so imagine if everyone took a photo where they were on that day of Obama and uploaded it to the site, the program would combine 10's of millions of peoples photos into one great montage which creates the illusion of a 3D world. I so cant wait for that the Obama montage should be posted by CNN a couple hours after the inauguration.

Maybe some FTV members want to give it a try lols Imagine a 3D montage of yourself in the "post a pic of yourself" thread XD




It doesn't work quite as well as the other 3d image apps I've used. Apple's quicktime can do it and it actually merges the images fluidly instead of forcing you to click around. Other than that the image quality was quite good so it wasn't a total fail.


I been been using the beta of Photosynth and it really is amazing. Photosynth builds a point cloud of each of the features in the pictures and actually builds a 3d model of all the points in all the pictures. The point cloud view shows the 3d model that is used to relink the drawings to order the images for the most fluid view. There is a Python program for extracting the point cloud data for making 3d models available to other software like Poser, 3dsMax, Maya, and others.

I see it as really being helpful for taking a series of pictures and building a realistic model of a building, machinery, or outdoor place quickly and accurately. The more pictures it is fed the better. It also works best with really high resolution images.
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