Motion Sensing = 8th Generation of Gaming


EDIT: I seem to have recently figured out that Natal wont replace the XBOX controller and isnt meant to be a substitute to button mashing, but mearly as an extra type of experience that can be used with the controller.

Project Natal is a motion sensing/tracking system which will be released sometime in late 2010 for the XBOX 360. And the "a" in "Natal" is pronounced as "ahhhh" and not as "ayyyy". Just in case you dont know lols Cause I just found out today after watching the tech demosXD

Anyways, its no shock Microsoft is entering the motion sensing market, Sony is as well entering the industry with their Motion Sensing Controller. The Wii has shown as an example that we want change from the classic button mashing, and it seems all the companies are delivering on it using Nintendo as a role model.

Sony's Motion Sensing controller seems like a much fancier Wii mote, and I mean, the parent to the Wii mote lols Its very nice and seems like it will revolutionize future Sony games.

But I want to focus more on Natal since it seems to have stolen the show at E3 with its shocking power and capabilities as well as its Milo and Kate tech demo game.

Natal by far seems to be the best of the 3 motion sensing software we have seen at E3 in terms of power and potential. But, after watching the tech demos for it, I noticed you really need to be "in the game" to get some fun out of it, and I mean actually get off your couch and start moving like your in the Gym.

Watch the tech demo for Natal here:

Did you see the girl moving like she was on a treadmill? She was getting a huge workout and was moving pretty aggresivly for a game.

I play video games to relax, not to get exercise from. If I'm tired or lazy, I just want to sit on the nice couch and play some FPS/RPG/Adventure etc games. So does this mean, with Natal I'll have to actually be active 24/7 to play any new games? I'm not a couch potato and am in relativly good shape, I can run, believe me, but I dont play games do get all sweaty, I do that at the gym.

This seems like a great way for people to get exercise specially old people and hey its a game that benefits you physically, it doesnt get any better than thatXD

But does this also mean, the lazy gamer has gone to retirement? Sure this new motion sensing stuff makes the experience that much more real, but has it got to the point where its become too real? The Wii is mediocre to Natal and my arm even gets cramps sometimes when I'm grinding Wii Sports Boxing or something.

You might say, ok your just lazy InuyashaX if you get tired from these games, lets say 20 years from now, games become more real, they mimic pain now when you get hit, you need to train hard in real life before fighting an opponent in a fighting game, your muscles determine how hard you hit! Ok mabey I'm over reacting...

But lets say I'm playing an FPS game and you need to actually manually reload by waving your hands and mimic a reload, and you need to crouch in real life for your player to crouch, ect..

I just hope limits are set in place to make gaming an enjoyable experience for all and to not be a workout. Gaming originated as past time for us like T.V. We dont want to work or think, thats why we just sit down and let the media think for us. Gaming sure requires some thinking and gives us frustration, but its all in the mind. When it comes to the point where your body becomes a factor, it might blow up in your face and this may deter some old school gamers.

But hey, this is just something I thought about, I'm very eager to experience this motion sensing stuff, I just hope it has some leeway to it;)

Milo and Kate Tech Demo (MUST WATCH):

As for the Milo and Kate tech demo, it seems very interesting but mind you it was a demo, and it has been stated that you cant verbally abuse the child Milo. WHAT!? Who would dare abuse a poor helpless 8 year old virtual boy!? Its not like we were going to crack out the "your mama" jokes or something

Anyways... Its also been stated that Milo doesnt have an AI, he just mimics AI. No real magic at all, and if theres a word he doesnt recognize, he just ignores you as stated by the press reviewing the demo. It still has a long way to go, but I do believe its being overhyped and it wont live up to our expectations.

This is my take on the new motion sensing software unveiled so far.

Whats your take on all this?
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