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This is a really fun game and its not very demanding, ie you arent going to be playing this game for hours a day. Its basically an MMO type flash game. You start out by making a chatacter called a "Brute". To make a character, you just need to enter its name and customize its look to your pleasing and click "Validate". No user account is required nor is a email address. And you can create an optional password after you make your brute to ensure no one else can play your character.

Now, after you make a brute you can choose to fight any other Brute you wish, when you do, the AI takes over and your Brute as well as your oponents Brute battle it out without you pusing a button. The fight is 100% automatic and is resolved on its own. If you win, you gain 2 exp, if you lose you gain 1 exp. The more exp you have, the more you level up and the more weps and skills you may aquire. Just like any other MMO. Also your limited to 3 fights a day and each fight lasts about 10 sec, so you can just hop on this site, fight 3 brutes and get back to your life.

Theres also a pupil system, which means you make your own Brute thru another persons character. By making your Brute thru my own Brute for example, I gain exp and you become my pupil and I become your master. Its a chain like advertising gimic which forces players to find newbies and make them join this game via your own character, thus you are rewarded with exp by enlisting other Brutes.

If you visit my link, you can start playing right now and create your own permanent Brute:

And you can do the same as well, by posting your own link to your character here and request others to make Brutes thru your own char. Sort of like I pupil you if you pupil me. Just post your own Brute links here, and we can all pupil eachother!

After you make a Brute thru my link your automatically going to have to battle me, its standard, then your free to fight whomever you want.

So lets get started! My link again is:


Lol mybrute.. funny lil flash game
^ Mine.


heh i just found it recently and its quite fun leveling up i apreaciate it if someone joins me


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Also, PM one of the FTVMembers, aside from myself and we'll see if this thread could become populkar to keep alive or not.

Hopefully the others will give a good reason to reopen this.
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