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-kenja sama
This question is more aimed at daft, but I guess others could also state if they would be interested.

How about and RSS feed for the forum? I would really like to be able to follow what is going on here while watching other forums.
I never installed an RSS feed on a forum before, so I have no idea if it would be easy to implement on the current forum. But it would be a nice feature.

For those of you who dont know what RSS is:
Its a standard way to publish evens/news/forum activity. Your RSS client will connect to the RSS feed and display all the latest forums topic. What is really cool is you can suscribe to multiple RSS feed and keep up to date on multiple forums at the same time from a single place (your RSS client)

Anyway, its just an idea I had the other days. Tell me what you think of it.

Stahn Aileron

RSS on a forum would be nice, I think. It'd be easier to track long, ongoing threads on a continuous basis. (The email subscription implementation now is useful, but it sucks if you've been gone for a while, since you only get one notice per forum/thread visit, which makes perfect sense.)

Since forums are constantly being added to and updated, RSS might be a good idea...Though how you would implement it...
Sounds like it'll be a doozy to do.

Also, it might be useful for mass announcements or something. (Though that would depend on people subscribing, huh?)

Anyway, it'd be the easiest way to track your favorite threads and stuff.

...There's my two cents...
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