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-kenja sama
These are the ground rules for this section

This section is for anyone wishing to announce, promote or talk about their new anime related projects. For example, fansubber groups are welcome to announce the new series they are starting to work on. Groups seeking members can do so in here.

- Please use a different thread per announcement/project/issue.

- You can add links to your projects site. This means limited advertisement is allowed on one condition. Do not simply post a link or the thead will be deleted. Always explain your project.

- The general rules apply. This means any projects that is not suited to fro FTV will be removed. (pornographic, racist, offensive or otherwise judged innapropriate by a moderator)

- If your group had more than one project, you can announce them in their own thread. Just make sure you follow the above rules and that each project is different.

If you experience problems while posting links, please contact a moderator for assistance.

***New threads must be approved by the moderating staff before they appear on the forum.

- Recruiters do not usually check their threads for reply. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact recruiters directly through methods posted by the original poster (e.g. IRC, e-mail, or private messaging).

Please contact one of the moderating staff, listed below after you make a post or thread in this section:


note:Only the daily active moderators (based on their last 60 days activity) are listed. If you wish to contact any other moderator that is not listed here, you may find them on the list provided in 'General Rules' thread. Please also note that this list will be updated every 2 months.
Not open for further replies.
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