That time of the year again.

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Well friends is that time of the year again, time to look back into the good and the bads. And think about what the future will bring.... the game works as follows:
Rate your top 5, rock bottom 4 , the best 3 scenes, and the best 2 op/ed of anime that was aired this year. And to finish the one series/movie/special you are looking forward the most for next year. {if the series started last year but had at least a third of its episodes aired during 2009 you can list it}

Top 5 anime:
  • 1st: TO aru kagaku no railgun

  • 2nd: Clannad ~after story~

  • 3rd: K-on

  • 4th: sasameki koto

  • 5th: Valkyria Chronicles

Rock bottom 4:
  • 4th worst: kampfer

  • 3rd worst: Princess lover

  • 2nd worst: akikan

  • worst: Queens Blade: Gyokuza no Tsugumono

3 best scenes:
  • - tokyo mag 8.0, the earthquake at the end of episode 1 and start of episode 2

  • - Clannad ~AS~: Tomoya's encounter with his grandma.

  • - sora no manimani: ep 5, when the literary club joins the astronomy club...

2 best OP/ED
  • + ED: aoi hana

  • + OP: to aru kagaku no railgun.

what i am looking forward:
  • dead's man wonderland

have fun thinking yours


- Lord of Chaos
Various things I'll say about this thread, but I'll leave the decision to some other mod to make.

1) This thread does not belong in the Thoughtful Discussion section. It should be in the anime section.
2) There is already a Best of 2009 thread for voting what the best animes were for the year. (Discussion thread here)
3) There was also a Official FTV Anime Power Rankings which closed due to inactivity. That said, if enough support is given, it may be re-opened. Perhaps try PMing Senpai - (one of) the mods who worked on it.


Agreeing with dchaosblade, this thread is just a copy of the Best of 2009 thread, which also has more variety and categories, so there's no need to keep this thread open. Unless you can give a valid reason to keep this thread open, this thread is closed.

PM me in regards of why I should reopen it.
Not open for further replies.
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