Whats the best free screen capture software?


I'm trying to find a good screen capture software (records your monitor).

I tried FRAPS but it only records up to 30sec of video per time. Is there any really good free programs that I can use to capture about 10min of non stop video. I plan to use it for recording video games mainly.




-プリムラ こいびと
if u want to use a trail then camtasia but if u want to use it longer well...>.>


Ugh I didnt know it was that hard to find a good video capture program thanks for the help and recommendations, all the free ones suck lols Guess me gots to find a ****^^

Fansub does not support stealing software. If you like something please try and buy it.

EDIT: You misunderstood my post... I already know the rules for this site and I clearly didnt say "give me crack links!" I was just jokingly implying it^^ But yea remember people keep the illegal stuff out of the forums.
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