Why Is It That You Live For?


I live for everything life has to offer.
Friends, Family, traveling, and even watching the lastest anime!

Life is fun, It changes everyday.
I just love the rush of life, sure it can be boring sometimes but life is the best thing you can enjoy, you only live once. (maybe twice if your lucky.)


i think id have to say i want to live to be happy and experience things in life that are both good and bad


Right now, i can find no reason in my life for me to be alive. But! I know one day, one day, maybe for only one day, it will all be worth it.


I'm just a girl who takes everything one day at a time. I have no grand dreams of ruling the world or anything like that. I just want to be left alone.


In general I think that God create the universe and life to be instructed by us. We are also created to a life in our own and continue in constituting this world upon some rules and in order to survive and producing .

But Why you and me are here?!? that is the hard question!

All of us live for purposes that we decided for us in some extend, and the other extend decided by our destiny and God well. No one knows what will happen next not even in the next couple of minutes. So that is clear evidence that this world controlled by a great creator who creates every thing for reason and goal.
For example antes and bees they build there houses in organized shapes and they work upon a very perfect system... don't you ever ask yourself who taught them that and why they do it in a such a way.. that's because that is their role in life and that is what they taught to do for their whole living.

If you believe that God create every thing and humans who are the supreme creatures then we will believe that God create you for reason which is to follow his rules in life and worships him.

So my answer will be that the main purpose that I am here cause that my mother and father are my mother and father
Oh really
no seriously I believe that I am here to adore God this is an absolute reason and my own and personal reasons cause is that I am live in order of living the life that planned for me and I also contribute and taking choices on it but it is all decided by God well.

Thanks for the topic


I live to find things that I truly enjoy, or at least that is what I have always thought. If you go through life without ever trying to find something you will enjoy, then what is the point of living! I live to find the spark that will ignite joy inside of myself!
Of course I'm constantly enjoying these so called sparks
and I wish to always find them


I live for what happened in the past..I live for what happens in the present and I live for what will happen in the future.
I want my life to be full of myself and full of the protagonists I have chosen to be with me.I live to be better than I was and I always strive to have the experience to do so..from watching anime to salute known persons to me to their "last home"..anything and everything is an experience that makes us better and everything can change the world around us..so that's what I live for..to change the world around me with my own beliefs ideals and experiences.


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i live to protect the people i love
i live to become stronger
i live because someone has to protect her and be there for her

i think everyone has a goal deep down inside whether they'll admit it or not.
i dont know whether it all ends when you die or if your reborn or what
but i dont plan to find out anytime soon


- deska`
That was beautiful Apollo! Welcome to the forum!

But dang, I'm surprised I never found this jewel before!
Kind of a nice variation on the "meaning of life" thread, if I say so myself.

This is a very, very good question. At times I forget why it is I'm doing what I'm doing, and I need to take some time to think about it, to put things back in perspective. Every time I do, I learn more about myself, my purpose, and my resolve.

I think I've reached one of those times again. *sigh* college does that to a person, eh?

I live to learn, and I learn to love.
I better myself, learn more about myself, and through that, I learn to love and appreciate those around me all the more.
I was once an introvert, cared only for myself, cared only for my peace and solitude. I was a fool. That was a long time ago, and while my destination may remain the same, my path has changed beyond what I would have believed. Life is the journey after all, is it not?
Ah, I love to learn, to challenge my current beliefs. I love seeing things from new perspectives, I love being proven wrong. For every time I do these things, I see life in a new light, in a way I hadn't imagined possible, and it shows me all the better just how beautiful life is.

Ah, I suppose the most artistic way to say it is that I live to love, but I'm truly a slave to my emotions like anyone else. Albeit my emotions have evolved and my tastes have refined into something... well... lets just say very complex.

That may just be wishful thinking on my part, but I am what I am, at I at least think I'm doing what I do for my own reasons, and that's good enough for me.



I live to suffer.
I live to discover.
I live to cherish those few things I actually do like.
I live to know it all.
Pain, pleasure, joy, sorrow, love, hate, indifference, anguish, rapture, and the rest.
I live to live and then to die.
Such is the story of my life.


I feel like I'm kinda avoiding the question but as many wise people before me have said:
The answer is only important if you ask the right question
So I personally feel that knowing what the meaning of life is is irrelevant because if you concentrate on that then you don;t experience what life has to offer you.
It is better to live life fully than to worry about it's meaning


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I am alive because my parents decided to have a child, so I didn't have a choice in that matter. All I need to in this life is make the days go faster and have a good quality of life. That means keeping myself reasonably fit, meeting friends and family and visiting lots of places so I have a better understanding of the world (sounds cheesy I know). All in all these are just my preferences and are not something you must adhere too.

Is there really a true meaning to life though. Not really in my mind, does there have to be meaning in everything? Your alive whether you like or it or not, so you just do whatever you want. You can be a decent person or you can be a twat it's up to you but just remember life becomes much harder if everyone hates you! Another useful thing to remember is if lives become a bitch there is always someone in a situation that is ten times worth than you and you should just be grateful in what you got!

Life and death are often associated with each other and can possibly have an impact on what the meaning of life is, but I always remember what a friend once said to me:

"No one actually fears death itself, your not going to sit in your grave saying this is fucking shit. Everyone is just scared of the horrible feeling when one is dying. To put it another way do you remember anything before you were born? That's what life after death will feel like."


QUOTE (Agaidos @ Feb 02 2008, 02:13 PM) i live for, another day.

best answer, and most truthful

seems like people seem to confuse the concept of doing "that" while living and living for "that".


it was once said in a novel I read but it's worth posting here anyway:
"no matter what happens, just remember this: It's just life and we all get through it in the end"

If we're talking about death as opposed to life, it needs to be stated that death is not the opposite of life, death is merely the absence of life. As for fear of death many early cultures didn't fear death so much as respected it and considered it a normal part of the natural cycle.

My favourite quote regarding life and death comes from anime called Takyo revelation:
All that lives dies and all that dies is reborn. we live and die and live again.

In essence in every life there is the seed of death but within every death there is the seed of life.

On a final note I just want to ask you all one simple question: Would life be so valauble if we didn't die? Would we have worked so hard to acheive so much if we eternity to do it in?


QUOTE (blanclait @ Feb 02 2008, 03:25 PM)QUOTE (Agaidos @ Feb 02 2008, 02:13 PM) i live for, another day.
best answer, and most truthful

seems like people seem to confuse the concept of doing "that" while living and living for "that".

hahaha thank you, i thought a simple and direct answer would be much better than a massive elabortaion or artichulate response.
hahah im glad someone noticed.
and yeah people do often confuse that concept.but its whateve!as long as your happy its all good, right?


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i live because one piece isnt finished yet, and i cant die not knowing how that story ends.


How's this for a novel answer?
I live because although somebody else may have started it I will be the one to finish it.


-the smooth, the suave, and the shrewd
QUOTE (roistot @ Jan 19 2009, 11:52 AM) i live because one piece isnt finished yet, and i cant die not knowing how that story ends.
Now thats a top answer *thumbs up*

I live to fulfill my dream (heard that before.. well its the best reason to live).
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