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  • The wiki has a BBCode for displaying wiki pages in other places, for example in the forums.

    Lets say you created a nice Wiki page with lots of information, but you need to show that same information somewhere else, say in a forum post. Sure, copy and paste works, but then it will not be updated if the page changes. But, if you use the Wiki BBCode, it will include the wiki page for you, and keep it updated.

    How to use it

    In a forum post, just use the following BBCode excluding the period ( . ):

    Rich (BB code):
    [.wiki=short]page link url[/wiki]

    Replacing "page link url" with the page link url from the page you want to use.

    Here is an example that will include the Wiki Help page, note: exclude the period ( . ):

    Rich (BB code):

    This also works within the Wiki, allowing other pages to be included within a page.
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